9 Best Stock Screeners of 2024

9 Best Stock Screeners of 2024


Screener: Koyfin’s global stock screener is free and allows investors to search using a library of more than 500 screening metrics. These metrics span across fundamentals, technicals, performance, security-level information, analyst estimates, growth rates and more. The screener is highly customizable, allowing for metrics to be screened in ranges. Additionally, custom ratios can be added to the screening results for sorting and organizing data.

Investors can create multiple screening templates, download their results, and save screening results as watchlists to be used across the rest of the platform.

Create a Screener on Koyfin

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Screener Functionality:

Koyfin offers all the key features that both individual investors and financial professionals look for in a high-quality screener.

  • Global stock screener
  • ETF & mutual fund screener
  • Download screen results
  • 10Y of financial history
  • 10Y of analyst estimates
  • Technical screening
  • Multiple screening templates
  • Premade templates
  • Summary rows
  • Importable views
  • Save to watchlist
  • Percentile ranks
  • Custom formulas
  • Complimentary tools
  • Screen in multiple currencies

Highly Customizable

Customizability in screening is crucial. Koyfin’s broad library of screening metrics allows investors to refine their investment universe to the finest level of detail. Even after the screening output is created, Koyfin excels at additional customizability. Investors can group and sort their data, add additional columns, calculate custom formulas, and import table views from their Koyfin watchlists.

Customizable Screener on Koyfin

Percentile Ranks

Percentile Ranks are a data series unique to Koyfin and allow investors to quickly grasp where a company’s valuation, margins, or other data points stand in relation to the stock’s history, the industry, or regions. Available in the stock screener, Percentile Ranks range from 0 to 100; with 0 implying the metric is in the lowest percentile and 100 implying the highest.

Percentile Ranks on Koyfin

Save as Watchlist

The beauty of Koyfin’s screener is how interoperable it is with the rest of the platform. Investors can save their screen results as watchlists and use them throughout the platform; dropping their basket of screened stocks into features like earnings calendars, charts, market scatter graphs, custom watchlist news feeds, and more.

Save as a Watchlist on Koyfin

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Pricing & Plans:

Koyfin offers three pricing plans suitable for a variety of needs. The global stock screener is free with two screening templates for all users, and additional complimentary tools, ETF and mutual screeners, are available in higher tiers.







• Global stock screener Everything in Free Everything in Plus
• Multiple screen templates • ETF screener • Mutual fund screener
• Download screen results • Unlimited screening templates • US mutual fund data
• 2Y financials & 1Y estimates • 10Y financials & 10Y estimates • Mutual fund holdings
• Advanced charting • Filings & transcripts • Full US ETF Valuation data
• Market & macro dashboards • Advanced transcript search • Unlimited custom formulas
• Watchlists • Unlimited watchlists • Unlimited custom FA templates
• Shareable watchlists • Custom dashboards • Model portfolio tools
• Portfolio tools • Dashboard data download • Priority support
• Economic & earnings calendar • 10 custom formulas
• Limited transcripts • Custom FA templates
• Limited ETF holdings • Full ETF holdings data
• Limited ETF valuations • 100k+ global company snapshots
• Limited company snapshots • Premium news & press releases
• Web-based news • Custom news feeds

For a custom fit, explore the Enterprise Plan. It includes everything in Pro, plus custom onboarding, administrative purchasing options, single sign-on, and flexible, scalable pricing. Contact the sales team for inquiries.

See a full comparison of Koyfin’s plans and functionality



• Free global stock screener • No futures or crypto screener
• ETF & mutual fund screener • Can’t screen for trading patterns
• Premade screening templates • No options data
• Download screening output • Not designed for active traders
• Custom formulas • Fund screener requires subscription
• Simple and intuitive design
• Highly customizable
• Multiple screening templates
• Screen in any currency

Platform: Koyfin is the Swiss army knife of financial research platforms and the best all-around stock screener for individuals and professionals thanks to its incredible breadth and depth in institutional quality data, customizability, and modern user interface. Trusted by more than 500,000 investors, Koyfin delivers a comprehensive financial data terminal at a price that caters to everyone. You can try Koyfin’s screener for free. New users receive a 7-day free trial of Koyfin Pro without needing to input a credit card.

Koyfin is the best Bloomberg Terminal alternative
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Koyfin’s global stock screener is unrivaled in depth and customizability with over 500 unique screening metrics and thousands of variations. While the range of data is vast, it is organized in a simple and intuitive way. The Koyfin terminal is flexible to an investor’s needs with an extensive catalog of features for conducting a multitude of analyses. Investors can control and customize their screening and data, download results, and save these results as watchlists to use throughout the platform. Koyfin’s screener has an eye for detail, exemplified by its ability to adjust screening metrics by currency; a feature no other screener on this list has. 

  • Price advantage: Unrivaled functionality and data in a global stock screener, at no cost. 
  • Highly customizable: Incredibly flexible to an investor’s needs, with a range of methods to control and sort through the data. 
  • Ideal for fundamental analysis: Particularly tailored for fundamental investors, with a comprehensive set of features for in-depth analysis.

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