An Argentinian requirement to inform suppliers about the invoices that have been paid

In order to do that, you can use the account statement template and use the extensibility functionality of S/4 HANA Cloud.

First go to Maintain form template to create a copy of account statement template.

Download the account statement form template and update as necessary, in this case update the text and remove the elements for Balance carried and Balance carried forward. Then create a new Form Template:

Assign this new template as account statement form in Manage your solution / Central Business Configuration by selecting „Assign form template“:

Then, go to app Output parameter determination:

Create a new condition for Account Statement and Form Template:

Create an implementation class for enhancement spot FI_CORRESPONDENCE_ACCST as an implementation of BAdI ACCST_ADJUST_DATA_BEFORE_RNDR.

Sample implementation:

Then you are all set up. In this example we use custom message to trigger the BAdI implementation logic, you can use any other possibility that fit your business case.

Create correspondence:


See also App Extensibility: Create Correspondence

In case you need to add a custom field to the form, that is not yet available, please follow following Blog post: How to export custom fields in the payment advice form | SAP Blogs


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