Calling All Developers & IT Pros, This Google-Sponsored Tech Event on 9 Dec Is For You!

Do you fancy yourself as a technophile? Wanna leave your imprint in Malaysia’s tech industry and beyond? Then this tech conference in Penang is just the thing for you!

Don’t miss DevFest George Town 2023, Malaysia’s premier tech conference brought to you by Google Developer Groups this 9 December at TAR UMT Penang!

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For those who are unfamiliar, DevFests are hosted all around the world by Google Developer Groups (GDG) to help local developers build together and innovate using Google’s various developer tools. By delivering hands-on learning experiences, technical talks in local languages by experts and networking opportunities for developers around Malaysia and beyond, this event is the perfect platform for developers to manifest the future of tech together!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, GDG George Town will host a menagerie of exciting activities to appeal to every skill level and tech expertise within Malaysia’s local developer community. Here are the engaging activities you CANNOT miss from one of Penang’s largest tech conferences!:


1. Start networking and job hunting at DevFest’s tech company booths

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Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned developer or just wanna know more about the latest in tech, the various tech company booths available at DevFest will give you an unparalleled platform to form relationships within the tech industry!

And it doesn’t stop there; you’re also free to unravel job opportunities with some of the most renowned names in the tech scene! Turbocharge your tech network and career by visiting booths handled by these companies:

  • TalentLabs: This professional development platform boasts online courses and certificates that can help users achieve a fulfilling career in technology.
  • Critical Manufacturing Sdn Bhd: Critical Manufacturing helps manufacturers to digitalise their operations to withstand and adapt to demands in the manufacturing industry.
  • Exabytes: As Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital and E-Commerce solutions provider, Exabytes is always ready to help SMEs digitalise and bring their businesses online.
  • Digital Penang: Formed in accordance with the Penang Digital Transformation Masterplan, Digital Penang is dedicated to capturing opportunities in the digital landscape and upgrading liveability.
  • Arus Academy: Arus empowers today’s problem-solvers through engaging, exciting, and experiential learning adventures. They specialise in evidence-based, data-driven and high-impact education interventions, training and consultancy services.


2. Catch all the latest developments in tech through various talks 

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Keep up with the tech world’s latest breakthroughs and trends by listening in on talks hosted by some of the world’s most distinguished Googlers, Google Developer Experts and tech industry veterans! Here are just a few of the enlightening tech talks that will be happening at DevFest 2023:

  • Imagen-ing the Perfect Cafe Menu

SPEAKER: Thu Ya Kyaw (Senior DevRel Engineer at Google Cloud)
While AI tools like image generation are popular on social media, people rarely combine different AI tools to create new and interesting content. This session touches upon text and image generation to create real-world media content. BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)!

  • Web AI in 2023 – What’s new with Machine Learning in JavaScript?

SPEAKER: Jason Mayes (Web AI Lead at Google)
Learn about the latest updates around AI in the web browser using JavaScript in 2023 to build next-generation web apps powered by machine learning using Visual Blocks ML in minutes. These learnings will make way for performance improvements, improved tooling and more – all accessible from within the browser enabling privacy, lower latency and cost savings.

SPEAKER: Jecelyn Yeen (Senior DevRel Engineer at Google)
Few developers enjoy debugging, and debugging can be complex for modern web apps because of the multiple frameworks, languages, and libraries used. But developer tools have come a long way! In this talk, Jecelyn will dig into the modern state of debugging, improvements in DevTools and how you can use them to reliably debug your apps.


3. Level up your tech skills and knowledge with DevFest’s various workshops

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From tech rookies to coding masterminds, DevFest has something for techies of all levels and interests thanks to their exhilarating series of workshops! And the best part? Attendees can join these workshops for free and without registering! So don’t miss this rare opportunity and get yourself tech-ready with this lineup of exciting workshops:

  • Flutter + Firebase = Awesome!

HOSTED BY: Suesi Tran (Senior Flutter Developer at Tabcorp)
Suesi brings to the table several years of experience in the telecommunications industry to help attendees master the art of software development across platforms including Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows.

  • Datastream 101: An Introduction to Change Data Capture and Replication on Google Cloud

HOSTED BY: Asif Muhammad (Head of Data & AI Center of Excellence at Maxis Berhad)
This session introduces the concept of change data capture (CDC) for real-time data synchronization across databases and apps. It focuses on Google Cloud’s user-friendly Datastream service. The tutorial covers effortlessly streaming data from Oracle and MySQL to destinations like Big Query and Cloud Storage for real-time analytics and event-driven architectures.

  • Getting Started with TensorFlow Decision Forests

HOSTED BY: Leong Lai Fong (AI Engineer at Cognixus Technologies Sdn Bhd)
Through this intermediate-level workshop, Lai Fong will teach attendees how to best utilise the TensorFlow software to achieve the best results for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


4. Learn how to solve various real-world challenges by witnessing DevHack 2023 

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One of the highlights of this year’s DevFest is DevHack 2023, a global hackathon and innovative showcase platform where developers converge to overcome real-world problems or identify new opportunities.

Going under the theme of the 4th Industrial Revolution, DevHack 2023 first kicked off on 14 October. Registered participants linked up to develop solutions related to the theme while attending workshops by DevDojo and receiving mentorship from experts.

Out of more than 150 teams registered, the top 10 finalists are invited to deliver their final pitch at DevFest George Town 2023 competing for the top three places with a prize pool of RM13,000. Do not miss out on their winning projects exhibition and get ready to be inspired!


But wait! There are more activities going on for DevFest 2023!

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There are more things happening than just the ones we’ve listed, but the catch is that they’re a series of mysterious fun activities! Pay a visit to the booths; these mystery activities will add another level of excitement to your DevFest experience!

Plus, an extra benefit you get to enjoy from all of these activities is the chance to network with like-minded tech enthusiasts, experts and potential collaborators in the industry. So make sure to turn up for this unique opportunity to expand your connections that could shape your tech journey!

Ticket sales have been launched! Grab your ticket at the event page and mark your calendar on the 9th of December to meet the other like-minded developers. Stay in the loop about the event details by following their socials:

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