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Create a customized deployment pipeline of 2-10 stages

After a long wait it is finally here – A customized deployment pipeline of 2-10 stages! You can now decide how many stages your new deployment pipeline will have a moment before it is created, within a new step we added to the creation process:


As you can see, you can set your own name to each stage, but don’t get too nervous about it since those names can be changed any time later through the new stage settings pane (entry point is located next to the stage name):

However, the number of stages cannot be changed after the deployment pipeline’s creation. With that, customization of existing deployment pipelines is not possible and to transition an existing deployment pipeline to a 2 or 4+ stages pipeline, a new one would have to be created manually, so then the workspaces are unassigned from the existing deployment pipeline and re-assigned to the new one.

To navigate between the stages, use the arrows on the top-right corner:

Deployment pipeline multi-tasking

Deployment pipelines joined the platform’s exciting new feature of multi-tasking, which opens a new tab on the left navigation bar whenever you open an item or a deployment pipeline. No more ending up with 10 explorer tabs of the same DP/workspaces anymore!

A new entry point to Deployment pipelines main page

Lastly, a new entry point to Deployment pipelines was added. It is located at the bottom of the workspaces list and leads to Deployment pipelines main page:

Learn more on Deployment pipelines Here.

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