Healthcheck Bot in SAP Business ByDesign

Hello everybody,

The reason for this blog post is to provide information about the possibilties with SAP bots and the technology behind.

The bots or as I call them digital assistants offer companies an intelligent solution for robot-assisted process automation. Manual and, above all, time-consuming work steps can be automated so that more resources are available for complex and value-adding processes. The technology behind this is SAP RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Typical areas of application and application scenarios:

  • Processing reports, orders and orders
  • Customer data maintenance in the service business
  • Status messages and notifications
  • Processing applications and forms
  • Read and process data from structured documents
  • Check, copy, paste and move data
  • Read and process information from multiple different systems

In special we crated a Healtcheck Bot for SAP Business ByDesign named Healtcheck Assistant.

The Healthcheck Assistant ensures that you do not overlook unposted source documents, open approval tasks or failed background jobs in your SAP Business ByDesign system. The automatic execution of the Healthcheck Assistant triggers a check of the objects mentioned in your system and then sends a report by email to the desired employees .This ensures that problems are identified early and can be remedied in a timely manner.

Human vs. Assistant:

Time for one person to check all mentioned tasks: 7 minutes
Time for the Assistant to check all mentioned tasks: 0,5 minutes

The Healtcheck Assistant has an easy configuration who shall be contacted in case of occured errors or failed or unsolved tasks. Therefore a simple MS Excel cofiguration is used.


Configuration in Excel


Furthermore, after executing the Healtcheck Assistant who checks unposted source documents, open approval tasks or failed background jobs in your SAP Business ByDesign system, the Bot will send an E-Mail to the mentioned employees in the configuration:


E-Mail from Bot with love


All in all, using Bots based on SAP RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will mean a huge time safe for the future. Employees will work more efficient and will be able to use their capacities for more complex tasks.

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