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What a great title?  Who doesn’t want to attend “The SAP Skillpocalypse: How To Not Become Extinct”?  Coming to you at ASUG Tech Connect in November.



I asked Jelena Perfiljeva some questions about her session and she answered them below:

1. Tell me about your session

Our session is called “The SAP Skillpocalypse: How To Not Become Extinct”, I will be presenting together with Paul Modderman. We welcome SAP professionals interested in improving their own skills, as well as IT managers, COE leaders, and others who manage learning of larger teams or make staffing decisions. We will talk about how to survive, adapt, and thrive in the constantly evolving SAP ecosystem.

2. Why attend your session

Other than obvious reason of meeting special guest celebrity speakers? 🙂 Many SAP professionals these days are at the career crossroads or struggling to keep up with all the new technology. One of the main values that our session offers is “hype vs real” guidance that will allow everyone to get the best ROI on learning efforts and to navigate rough waters of enterprise software. If you have any questions on what’s going on or how to avoid “technology FOMO”, bring them to the session!

3. What you are looking forward to

It’s great to have an opportunity to meet in person with other SAP professionals and “talk shop” with SAP customers and partners. I really missed the serendipity of random conversations and connections of the past tech events and am hoping to have many more of these moments at ASUG Tech Connect!

4. What is your favorite hobby

Baking! Feel free to ask me for sourdough tips after the session.

I already have “FOMO” aka Fear of Missing Out.

Reviewing the agenda the abstract of Jelena and Paul’s (aka Boring Nerds) is as follows:

A giant asteroid of new technology is approaching your SAP Development planet; what do you do? Where to find motivation, inspiration, and time for continuous improvement? Join this session to learn from the experts not just how to survive but how to adapt and thrive in the constantly evolving SAP ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving forward by going back: How ground principles of development can help you navigate the complexity of SAP development.
  • Understand ABAP development models (“what to use when”).
  • Challenges of maintaining legacy systems while keeping your eyes on the horizon.
  • Hype or real? Get the best ROI on your upskilling time and monetary investment.

Join ASUG in November.

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