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Welcome back to
this week’s edition of the Power BI blog series.  This week, we look at email subscriptions.


Just recently, the
Power BI team announced the release of email subscriptions for scorecards.  Subscriptions enable you to receive email
notifications and stay up to date on the scorecards that matter most to you and
your team.

To set up a
subscription, select the Subscribe button in the Ribbon:

Then, select ‘Add a
new subscription’ in the pane that opens on the right side:

Enter the details
about the subscription such as the name for the subscription, subject and email
message details.  Then, set the frequency
on how often you want to receive the emails such as hourly, daily, weekly or
monthly.  Also, you may set a scheduled
time for the subscription, such as on the hour, or at 15, 30 or 45 minutes past,
AM or PM, and specify the time zone.  You
may then select a ‘Start date’ and optionally an ‘End date’ for the
subscription.  You can also include a
link to the scorecard in the email and give recipients permission to view the
scorecard.  Finally, select ‘Save and
close’.  After saving, you can edit the
subscription, turn it on and off or delete the subscription.

Recipients will
receive an email from Power BI with a table containing the scorecard data such
as metric name, status, values and due date.  The table will show up to 50 metrics, viz.

You can add up to
24 subscriptions per scorecard, with unique recipients, times and frequencies
for each subscription.  You can see all
the subscriptions by opening the Subscriptions pane from a scorecard in ‘My
workspace’, and selecting ‘Manage all subscriptions’, or from under the Settings
-> Subscriptions
tab in the upper right corner of Power BI Service.

Note that you can
subscribe to scorecards if you have a Pro license or PPU license or if
scorecard is in a workspace backed by Premium capacity.  You can subscribe other team members if in
addition to the above, you are a Contributor, Member or Administrator in that
workspace.  If the scorecard isn’t hosted
in a Premium capacity, others must also have a Pro license.  You can add other email addresses in the same
domain to the subscription.  If the
scorecard is hosted in a Premium capacity, you can subscribe group aliases,
whether they’re in your domain or not.  You
may subscribe external users if scorecard is hosted in a Premium capacity too.


In the meantime, please remember we offer training in Power
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