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This week I was working with a customer where they had a dataset that was previously refreshing successfully and not it failed.

It failed with the error “Due to consecutive errors, scheduled refresh has been disabled. Please resolve the error on the dataset and then re-enable.”

If the refresh fails too many times it also disables the scheduled refresh.

When investigating the issue, I saw that the dataset is only using cloud connections as shown below.

This is rather confusing, first because both data sources have got the green tick.

Next, it is then saying that I do not have any personal gateways installed. This is accurate because I use the cloud connection which does not require a gateway.

At this point I was rather confused and not sure what is going on.

Not only that the “Data source credentials” is greyed out.

I must admit that I was just looking around as to what could be the cause, and I stumbled upon the solution (Sometimes I just need a little luck )

There was a gateway in my environment and while the status was “Not configured correctly”, I expanded the arrow.

When I did this, I then saw that there were additional data sources which were of the type “File” as shown below.

A lightbulb went off in my head because these are file connections this cannot be accessed via the cloud.

I could either re-connect these files using SharePoint online, or I would have to create these data source connections in my On-Premises gateway.

In my case I uploaded the files to SharePoint online, once I did that my dataset started successfully refreshing again.

Sometimes when there is an error it takes a bit of luck to figure out how to resolve it.

In this blog post I have shown you where to look to resolve the error.

If there are any questions or comments please leave a comment.

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