Rabbit’s New AI Device Uses Apps On Your Behalf to “Do Anything” — But How Exactly Does It Work? | by Nabil Alouani | Jan, 2024

Let’s reverse-engineer “R1” and its Large Action Model

Prompt: “Create an oil sketch in retro-futuristic style showing a modern, sleek handheld square device in vibrant orange with rounded corners and a minimalistic design. It features a large, glossy black screen with a white rabbit logo, matte finish, tactile side buttons, and a camera lens in the top corner. The device casts a subtle shadow on a neutral grey background, highlighting its bright color and clean lines, blending past and future aesthetics.”
Image created by the author via Midjourney.

All you have to do is push a button and speak your mind. Half a second later, r1 turns your instructions into actions. If you’re not into voice commands, you can shake r1 and a keyboard will appear on the screen.

r1 is the name of a new AI device introduced by a company called Rabbit.

It’s like a phone, but it’s not a phone. It’s more like a Pokédex with an AI assistant that “gets things done.” r1 can book you a trip, update a spreadsheet, and suggest recipes based on what you have in the fridge.

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