SAP BPC4HANA EPM – General Error; Incorrect Authority to perform this Action.

EPM – General Error; Incorrect Authority to perform this Action.

Hi everyone, lately I faced an issue while configuring security for BPC planners accessing BW objects to load Data in models using Data Manage Job. The error was something like this –


EPM General Error

It for sure looked like security, in fact it was, but surprisingly, there was no failed check registered in STAUTHTRACE. It was very strange, went through multiple sites and went through SAP Notes and resolved it. In order to give access to read data from Comp Provider using standard data manager job package, user should have –

  1. Access to Comp provider through S_RS_HCPR with ACTVT 03, 23 to the comp provider.
  2. Access to Comp provider with ACTVT 03 through Analysis Authorization.

Even after adding the access, system might give the same error. To resolve that, perform following Steps :

  1. Go to TCODE RSOSM
  2. Click on Configure BW Search


Configure BW Search

      3. Click on Delete Buffer (1) and then refill the buffer (2)


It will generate the buffer within seconds, but it does not resolve the issue right away. I have observed it takes 10-15 minutes to resolve the issue.

I recommend adding RSOSM tcode to Security Support/Firefighter role for this purpose.

Once the security setup is successful, it doesn’t break, means the regeneration of buffer isn’t required until we perform some major activity in the system.

Thank you, please feel free to ask questions in comment box, if you want any more details.

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