SAP SuccessFactors LMS : 2H 2023 Release Highlights


Second half 2023 release is here!

I am thrilled to introduce the second half of the 2023 release, which brings with it a host of exciting improvements for SAP SuccessFactors LMS. Notably, this release places a significant emphasis on the integration of a new learning experience. Now, let’s explore some of the key features and improvements in this regard:

  1. Enhanced Search in Learning: SAP introduced an enhanced search capability as part of the new Learning experience. This new search feature allows users to search for learning activities using various criteria, including title, description, entity ID, attributes (such as skills or competencies), categories, and instructor names. As you start typing your search query, the type-ahead feature suggests possible searches, and results are displayed in a dropdown list. This search spans all languages, ensuring matches regardless of your locale.

Users can take the following actions:

  • Refine the search using filter options

  • Sort the search results by duration, price, rating, or title

  • Bookmark search results

  • Recommend search results to their peers

  • View details of the learning activity in a new tab, maintaining their position in the search results

  • Perform a new search, using a new search value while preserving previously selected filters

  • Reset filter selections to the default values

Enablement: Automatically On

  1. Image Preview in Learning Administration: SAP has upgraded the image upload feature to include previews in both 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios. Administrators can now see how their images will appear in different locations within Learning Administration, including learning activities, items, programs, curricula, collections, and more.

Enablement: Automatically On

  1. Personalized Recommendations on the New Learning Home Page: Leveraging SAP AI Business Services’ machine learning technology, personalized recommendations are now available on the new Learning home page. These recommendations are tailored to your specific needs and can be accessed in the Personalized Recommendations section.

Enablement: Customer Configured

  1. Improved Online Content Launch Behavior: For recruiters, when the “Launch in a New Browser Window” option is selected at the content object level, online content will now automatically open in a new browser window, preventing launch errors associated with AICC content in new tabs. 

Enablement: Automatically On

  1. VLS Vendor Configuration Template in Learning Administration: SAP has added the ability to populate the default VLS vendor configuration template while adding a new VLS configuration in Learning Administration. This streamlines the configuration process and helps prevent validation errors.

Enablement: Automatically On

  1. Configuration Setting for iContent Folder Access: A new configuration setting allows administrators to control user access to specific files within iContent folders. This setting simplifies the management of user access to shared resources in iContent folders.

Enablement: Customer Configured

I’ve successfully tested most of these release items, but some items (like the New Home Page Experience upgrade for most data centers) still require validation. Please share your comments if you identify any issues or gaps.

These highlighted changes represent just a glimpse of what’s included in this latest release. To explore the full range of enhancements throughout the application, I recommend referring to the “What’s New Viewer” for a comprehensive release summary.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs for more insights and updates!

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