Swing Trader Pro: Morning Briefing (09-26-2023)

From the Desk of Kimmy Sokoloff

Yesterday we saw the market enjoy a decent bounce, but this morning it’s like that move never happened.

 The indices are indicating at the lower range.

Once again, not too many names are exciting right now.

Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • $FDX recently reported earnings. I’ll be watching to see if it can head back to the recent highs at 270.

I’ll see you in the Live Trading Room at the open.

Here are a couple of key things to remember about what we’re doing here.

First, it’s important to be in the live chat. As you know, the market has been extremely volatile, and we’ll likely continue to see many ups and downs.

What that means practically is that I’ll update not just price levels but even particular names we’re watching as the market moves.

Second, please understand that the focus of our discussions is simply my opinion.

Your results will vary based on many factors and variables including execution, timing, and market conditions. All of these issues are completely out of my control — and yours as well.

Our mutual goal is to win more than we will lose and that, by adding some of my strategies, we’ll help you boost your overall success.

Remember, the market is on its own schedule and subject to change without notice.

We’ve had many questions about position and allocation sizes. I will never advise you regarding the amount of risk or portion of your assets you should invest.

All trades are at your own risk and can be discussed with your personal financial advisor at any time should you feel necessary.

Thank you for joining us, and I look forward to working with all of you!

And please reach out with any questions.

We’ll see you LIVE on the ASC Rangefinder app to start the trading day.

All Star Charts Team

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