AMD Wants To Know If You’d Like Ryzen AI Support On Linux


With the newest AMD Ryzen 7040 series laptops there is “Ryzen AI” as a dedicated AI engine based on Xilinx IP to help accelerate machine learning with the likes of PyTorch and TensorFlow. Sadly though this Ryzen AI with their new Zen 4 laptops is only supported under Microsoft Windows at this point. But it could change with sufficient customer interest.

Back in June I pointed out that AMD had some Ryzen AI demo code on GitHub, some of which was open-source but in any event was Windows only. They also haven’t published any Ryzen AI Linux driver.

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Following that summer article, this GitHub ticket was opened over Linux support, only for the issue to be closed three days later without any resolution or Linux support plans communicated.

But perhaps as a good sign, that Linux ticket was re-opened today by an AMD staff member on the basis of allowing (Linux) customers to voice their interest:

“Re-opening issue so that customers can log their Linux requests.”

In another ticket about Linux support, it was suggested as well to “+1” the Linux support thread if interested in seeing Ryzen AI support for Linux: “Please do add a “+1” comment to #2 for Linux support.

Ryzen AI Linux requests

So if you are interested in seeing Ryzen AI support for Linux, let them know in this GitHub ticket. For now Ryzen AI is just found in the Ryzen 7040 mobile series parts but presumably will begin appearing more across their future processors along with additional Xilinx IP. Given the ever increasing AI workloads and that Intel already mainlined their open-source Meteor Lake VPU/NPU support back in Linux 6.3 and even already upstreamed their next-gen NPU support to be found in Arrow Lake, hopefully AMD gets a start on enabling Ryzen AI for Linux.

For my own curiosity sake, here’s also a poll on Twitter/X:

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