Charting the Heart: Data Visualizations on Love

Hello, love! My name is Dzifa Amexo and I am a Tableau Social Ambassador and co-lead the BLK in D&A, NYC, and FinServ Tableau User Groups. My Tableau journey has been fueled by focusing on topics that are personally interesting to me whether it be around pop culture or personal quantifiable data.

At the end of 2022, I embarked on a personal project to track my dating experiences throughout the year, leading to a laugh-out-loud visualization that captured a rollercoaster of emotions. From the exhilarating highs to the inevitable lows, and ‘It’s Complicated’ statuses of modern dating in a big city. 

This specially curated collection of data visualizations includes insights into Valentine’s Day spending habits, personal anecdotes from the dating world, the portrayal of love in media, and so much more. Each visualization provides a fresh perspective on the timeless theme of love.

This collection is designed for anyone and everyone—whether you’re an anti-Valentine’s Day person, a die-hard romantic, or find yourself somewhere in the middle. It’s a celebration of love, seen through the lens of data, and I invite you to join me in this exploration.

Click on each viz to visit it on Tableau Public, Tableau’s free online platform used to explore, create, and publicly share data visualizations.

Be sure to participate and check out visualizations shared this month for the February 2024 Datafam Con challenge around romance movies!

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