Create a Custom Database Table and Update it using ABAP on HANA Environment

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Now I am going to explain how do we create Customized Data Dictionary Table in ABAP on HANA

environment and updating the created Table .

-> Open the Hana studio and Go to the project explorer.

-> Click on the package and Right click on Dictionary.

I.e.. Dictionary –> New –> Database Table

-> Give the Name and Description.

-> Click on Next and Give the fields as below.

Note: Define table table name with keyword with keys as below.

-> We can check it in ‘SE11’ T-code

-> It will be created as Transparent Table as below.

-> If we are trying to check the Table there are no entries because we have not created any data.

-> I have created the Table entries through by using Program.

Then we will get the Table entries as below.

In the Hana studio we can check the entries.

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