Creating an Animal Segmentation Model with U-Net and TensorFlow Keras | by Eran Feit | Sep, 2023

🔥 In our latest video tutorial, we will learn how to segment animals from images.

🎥 From data loading and U-net model building to testing it on animal photo.

The tutorial is structured into four easy-to-follow parts:

1️⃣ Loading and Preparing Data: We’ll show you how to download the data and preprocess the necessary images and masks for training and validation.

2️⃣ Building the U-Net Model: Learn the ins and outs of U-Net architecture and implement it using Python and TensorFlow.

3️⃣ Training the Model: Watch as we train our U-Net model to perform person segmentation, and discover the power of optimization techniques.

4️⃣ Testing on New Images: Witness the magic in action as we apply the trained model to new images for real-time person segmentation.

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