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September has been a busy month here at Enterprise DNA, which is why we’ve put together a list of activities and initiatives that happened this past month. Check out some of the highlights that happened last September, and see what’s coming up this month.

eDNA New Platform Update

The new On-Demand learning platform went live last August. This September, we doubled our efforts in responding to all of your feedback and fixing bugs on the platform.

We also had an onboarding event for our subscribers where we provided customized demos and showcased the many great features we’ve added to our user experience.

If you missed our onboarding process, you can still join the next one on November 02 to learn how you can leverage Enterprise DNA’s new platform to significantly improve your analytical skills and productivity levels.

We also came up with tips and a troubleshooting guide in the forum to ensure you have a smooth, stress-free experience when using the platform.

Wrap Up Of Power BI Challenge 22

We also finished another round of the Power BI Challenge for September, and we were pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout. For this challenge, we focused on hotel analytics and dealt with a hotel revenue dataset.

The results of this round has been astounding, and it just goes to show that learning from watching YouTube tutorials and enrolling in courses are simply not enough; you really have to dig in and do the hard work.

Congratulations to all winners of Power BI Challenge 22:

  • Gerard Duggan – Overall Winner
  • Gustaw Dudek – Experts & Previous Challenge Winner
  • Bolaji Olatunde – First Time Participant Winner
  • Jerson Andre Arrelucea – Winning Non-Member
  • Komal Bhatt – Out of the Box Thinker
  • Wan Teck Chung – Creative Head

Start Of Power BI Challenge 23

Power BI Challenge 23 is now up and running. For this round, we’re working in the field of healthcare analytics and dealing with a substance abuse dataset. The goal for this challenge is to help healthcare providers leverage the data on their hands to fight substance addiction.

The deadline for the submission of entries is on October 26, 202211:59pm GMT. Learn how you can join this challenge on our forum and get a chance to win any of the following categories.

  • Experts & Previous Winners – entries from the Enterprise DNA experts and previous winners of the challenges
  • Overall Winner – all entries are eligible, excluding experts and previous winners
  • First Time Participant Winner – open to any Enterprise DNA subscriber who is taking part in the challenge for the first time
  • Winning Non-Member – open to entries who are not currently Enterprise DNA subscribers
  • Out of the Box Thinker – for those submissions that dig deep into their analysis
  • Creative Head – for those who bring a lot of effort into their report and analysis

Partnership With Packt

This would also be a good time to announce our partnership with Packt in the Power BI Challenges. Packt will be generously providing the winners of the Power BI Challenges with two books, which is another compelling reason for you to join the ongoing challenge.

Packt is great resource for programming books and videos for developers. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and see how a Packt subsciption can help your learning journey.

New Courses On eDNA On-Demand

There’s always something new to learn, which is why we’ve released a bunch of new courses this month to help you maximize the benefits of using the Power Platform. The Power Platform Certification course is our complete training guide to help you ace the PL-900 exam.

The Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI course will teach you how to connect APIs to data sources using Power BI. The Paginated Report Writer II course will teach you how to create paginated reports and print them as pdf files.

New Experts & Creators

Let’s welcome Rachwen Mosbehi into the fold as one of the Enterprise DNA experts. Rachwen is a business intelligence engineer with over 3 years experience in Power BI and more than 1 year experience in dashboard UI/UX Design. He’s an expert in creating and implementing Power BI-embedded solutions for web application development and is skilled in data visualization art.

Give a warm hello to Ilgar Zarbaliyev as our newest content creator. He created the Exam PL300 – Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course that we are launching this week. Ilgar is the event organizer of My Data Summit. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Educator who loves to interpret and analyze data to drive growth and guide users to data-driven decisions. He currently holds 14 Microsoft Certifications, including Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Power BI.

Let’s also give a cheerful welcome to Oscar Martinez Valero. He created the Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI course, and is one of the world’s experts when it comes to using APIs in Power BI. He has done plenty of research and written extensively on this topic, as well as developed a number of custom Power BI connectors. Many of you know him as a wildly creative Power BI expert developer who was a finalist in this year’s Microsoft Power BI Championship in Switzerland.

Fresh Content On eDNA YouTube & Podcast

Aside from our courses, challenges, and live events, we also publish regular YouTube videos and podcasts to further enrich your learning experience.

What To Expect For October

We’re looking forward to finishing strong for the last quarter of the year, so watch out for greater things for our entire Power BI community.

We are continuing the improvements of the On-Demand platform, launching the PL-300 course this week, and updating our Showcase gallery with the Power BI Challenge 22 winners’ entries. We’ll also be having another batch of Power Platform Innovation Labs and Power BI Accelerator this month.

You can also expect a new content creator partnership and an update to the eDNA Power Tools Suite coming later in October.

All the best,
Enterprise DNA Team





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