Google AI for JavaScript developers with TensorFlow.js | by Lawrence Wilson | Feb, 2024

Get productive with the “Google AI for JavaScript developers with TensorFlow.jstraining program. From pre-made off the shelf models to writing or training your own, learn how to create next gen web apps. This course offers a solution and the knowledge to be the “missing manual” for JavaScript users without a background in Machine Learning. Machine Learning (ML) on the web is growing faster than ever so now is the time to take your first steps too. Learn what the difference is between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning but also how to use such techniques practically through real examples using TensorFlow.js — Google’s leading ML library for JavaScript. Supercharge your next web app with superpowers — from classifying text in a blog post comment to automatically block spam, to using sensors like a webcam on your mobile device to alert you when your dog is on the couch after you left the house. A basic, working knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is highly recommended. Learn Common terms and what they mean, how Machine Learning works (without formal mathematical definitions), the TensorFlow.js library, advantages of using ML in JavaScript, ways to consume or create Machine Learning models, how to use pre-made “off the shelf” models, what Tensors are in Machine Learning, how to use Tensors with ML models and to write a simple custom model, perceptrons (artificial neuron) and how they work, linear regression to predict numbers using single neuron, multi layered perceptrons for handling more complex data, using models that use Convolutional Neural Networks for images and converting Python models to JavaScript, transfer learning — reusing existing trained models with your own data. Skill-based training modules include: 1) Introduction to ML & TensorFlow.js, 2) Using Pre-Made models, 3) Writing custom models, 4) Transfer Learning, 5) Reusing models from Python, and 6) How to join the TensorFlow.js community.

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Transformative Innovationbook series for your listening-reading pleasure:

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3 — The Race for Quantum Computing (Audible) (Kindle)

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