Here Comes The Rug Pull

There’s nothing like a good rug pull.

Especially when I’m able to make money from it.

This is the type of environment where they happen.

Some of our biggest clients are hedging their positions by buying puts.

Some are outright net short.

It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish as an investor.

Here are a few of the many warning signs we’re seeing out there:

Look at High Beta rolling over last month, while S&Ps kept roaring higher.

Not to mention the Dollar strength we’re seeing is off the charts. There’s your divergence in EM currencies.

And of course, we’ve already discussed rotation into Consumer Staples:

Lower highs across the board, with overly bullish market sentiment entering the 2nd worst month of the year for stocks: February.

The stage is set.

I just bought puts today on both $SPY and $QQQ

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