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We are releasing a hot-fix for an installation issue affecting the TensorFlow installation process. The TensorFlow 2.15.0 Python package was released such that it requested tensorrt-related packages that cannot be found unless the user installs them beforehand or provides additional installation flags. This dependency affected anyone installing TensorFlow 2.15 alongside NVIDIA CUDA dependencies via pip install tensorflow[and-cuda]. Depending on the installation method, TensorFlow 2.14 would be installed instead of 2.15, or users could receive an installation error due to those missing dependencies.

To solve this issue as quickly as possible, we have released TensorFlow 2.15.0.post1 for the Linux x86_64 platform. This version removes the tensorrt Python package dependencies from the tensorflow[and-cuda] installation method. Support for TensorRT is otherwise unaffected as long as TensorRT is already installed on the system. Now, pip install tensorflow[and-cuda] works as originally intended for TensorFlow 2.15.

Using .post1 instead of a full minor release allowed us to push this release out quickly. However, please be aware of the following caveat: for users wishing to pin their Python dependency in a requirements file or other situation, under Python’s version specification rules, tensorflow[and-cuda]==2.15.0 will not install this fixed version. Please use ==2.15.0.post1 to specify this exact version on Linux platforms, or a fuzzy version specification, such as ==2.15.*, to specify the most recent compatible version of TensorFlow 2.15 on all platforms.

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