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Power BI DAX to Create a Top N Sales Summary Table
Suppose, we have the Data Model as follows :

We have the sample Sales data by Year and Product as follows :

Scenario :
Now we want to calculate the Top 3 Sales by Product per year from the above data. Also, the Sales which does not falls in Top 3 needs to group and show in a new row as “Others”.
This can be done using the following DAX Table Expression :

Top3Sales Summary = GENERATE(

SUMMARIZE( tbl_Sales, tbl_Calendar[FisalYear]),
VAR Top3Products=TOPN(3,
ADDCOLUMNS(VALUES(tbl_Products[Prod_Name]),”@Amt”, [Total Sales]),[@Amt])

VAR Top3ProdRanked=ADDCOLUMNS(Top3Products,”@Pos”,RANKX(Top3Products,[@Amt],,DESC))
VAR SalesAllProducts=[Total Sales]
VAR SalesTopThree=SUMX(Top3Products,[@Amt])
VAR SalesOthers=(SalesAllProducts-SalesTopThree)
VAR RowOthers={(“Others”,SalesOthers,4)}
VAR Result=UNION(Top3ProdRanked,RowOthers)



here, [Total Sales]=SUM(tbl_Sales[Net_Sales])

Output :

Suppose, if you simply wants find the Top3 Sales by Product, you can find using the below DAX Expression :

Top3 Sales by Prod = TOPN(3, SUMMARIZE(tbl_Sales,tbl_Calendar[FiscalQuarter],tbl_Products[Prod_Name],”@Sales”,[Total Sales]),[@Sales],DESC)

Result :

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