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How to use Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase Function in Power Query while Filtering or Removing Duplicates from a Dataset
Suppose we have a Dataset as follows, with duplicated records and different Case Sensitivity.

Now we need to ignore the Case Sensitivity while filtering a Column “Product” and also while removing the Duplicates from the Dataset.

1) Filtering Dataset – by Ignoring the Case Sensitivity of [Product] Column :

Suppose, want to filter all rows where [Product] in {“Radio”, “radio”, “raDio” , “RADIO”} . This can be done by simply ignoring the Case Sensitivity as per below:


= Table.SelectRows(ds_Dataset, each Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase([Product] , “Radio”)=0 )


2) Remove duplicates from a Dataset – by Ignoring the Case Sensitivity:

It can be achieved by simply ignoring the Case Sensitivity with use of the MQuery Function Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase as per below.


= Table.Distinct(ds_Dataset, Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase)



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