MDG DQM Validation Rules: Extended error message with links

Hi MDG/DQM folks,

Master Data business rules, such as validation, are defined in the central repository of SAP MDG DQM. The rules are also applied in MDG Central Governance. I have been asked quite often whether it is possible to include a long text and even a hyperlink (e.g. to an internal company webpage for further explanation) in the DQM validation message.

The answer is: YES.. and this short blog explains the configuration.



If you configure a DQM validation rule with a special configuration the DQM error message will look like this:


Simple DQM error message


If you configure a message class and number in the DQM Validation rule and that error message has a long text including a hyperlink your message will look like this:


DQM error message with long text and hyperlink


To maintain a error message with long text and a link in your DQM validation you need to do 2 steps:

SE91 – Create error message

  1. Start tcode se91 in your MDG/S4Hana system
  2. Enter/ Create your custom message class
  3. Create a new message number
  4. Make sure that the checkbox “Self-Explanatory” is not checked

    Settings in SE91: Define error message (1)
  5. Click on “Long Text”
    Settings in SE91: Define error message (2)
  6. Enter a similar text as in the screenshot:

    Settings in SE91: Define  Long Text

Use newly created error message/class in the DQM rule

  1. Navigate into your DQM Rule
  2. Change the settings of the error message:
    Settings in DQM Validation App: Refer to the se91 error message 
  3. Save your changes and test it.
  4. Extra Feature:
    You can also pass information from the MDG process to the SE91 error message via “Message Variables”. One example in the following screenshot: It passes the BP_ID from the Change request into the message.
    Settings%20in%20DQM%20Validation%20appSettings in DQM Validation app: Pass BRF+ context variableSettings in SE91 error message: Placeholder for variable

    The result looks like:
    DQM Error message including runtime variable 


Hope this helps you sometimes….



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