Multiple Currency Solution In Power Bi

So if you are looking for multiple currencies option in power bi, Yes it possible with multiple approaches but first we need to see & Understand what is your requirement there are could be below scenarios

1 One Local Currency to another currency (e.g Dollar to Euro) 

2 One Local Currency to Multiple Currency (e.g Dollar to Euro, Krona, Yen, etc.)


I would say everything is possible but it depends on your requirements.
how you would like to see there are many videos on this but do they meet your requirements?
Below are the methods which I used for my clients which is 100% satisfied their requirements.



M1 – You can use switch statement or IF Condition between the measures. and make one table with Currency name 
where you will store currency name ( USD, Local)
Create a Dropdown where you can use this currency name.
Selected Currency = [Selected Currency]

VAR P_US = Sum(Sales_US)

VAR P_Local =Sum(Sales_local)

VAR Switch_Currency = [Selected Currency]

VAR Swt =




Note:- With M1 you can see currency symbol only in Table and Card. 
             Do not use the statice field formatting option for this method


M2 – Make Bookmark and assigned on the required field.
There is some difference in both the approach. 


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