New openSAP Microlearning Video Playlist: Extending SAP Sales Cloud with SAP BTP Kyma Runtime

Hello SAP Community!

This is Fernando from the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE team writing a new blog post about the recent publication of extensibility in CX video project. As a Portfolio Manager for SAP Customer Experience Integration and Extensibility topics, during last years, We had our focus in eLearning content creation but now we are also shifting to video creation to offer more relevant content for you.

We are very proud to announce and present our new openSAP Microlearning Video Playlist for Extending SAP Sales Cloud with SAP Kyma Runtime.


Watching a video from the playlist

The motivation for recording and producing these 3 videos came from the existing learning portfolio, we had the 4 day C4H460 SAP Cloud Applications Studio  ILT (Instructor Led Training) and also the Extending SAP Sales and Service Cloud with SAP Cloud Applications Studio eLearning on SAP Learning platform. Both learning assets were covering the In App extensibility approach for SAP Sales Cloud but not the Side by Side extensibility using SAP BTP Kyma Runtime, so this playlist aims to fit in this knowledge area gap in our learning portfolio.

There are 3 videos in this series:

  1. Introducing the Process and System Landscape in the SAP Business Technology Platform for Integration between SAP Sales Cloud and SAP BTP Kyma Runtime
  2. Implementing a Serverless Function in SAP BTP Kyma Runtime
  3. Demonstrating the Execution of the Extension in SAP Sales Cloud with SAP BTP Kyma Runtime

This playlist creation has been a superb work from the whole SAP CX Education team but specially I’d like to thank to Florian Kupke and Felix Wyskocil all their great and professional effort. I know with their help, We will be posting about the technical details of these videos very soon… so, I won’t enter in those details here for each video.

Please go ahead with all these videos and ask your questions or express your ideas in the comment area of each video… We are currently working on more educational video content for SAP CX Integration and Extensibility topics, so stay tuned the best is yet to come!

Thanks for reading so far, you know the drill, let me know about your feedback and questions using the comments below!



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