Not Jewel, Juul, Jules but Joule

My daughter, Alex Marland, Physics teacher, outside her local pub, the JP Joule in Manchester, after whom our new Chatbot was named. So, why Joule?

Last week SAP announced our natural language, generative AI copilot Joule, and you can find lots of information on it at our microsite But one thing you won’t find there is why we named our Chatbot Joule.

So it’s not a gem, so I can’t use a blog headline like “The Joule in SAP’s crown”, it’s not named after Jules Verne steampunk hero and author and it certainly shouldn’t be confused with the vape product Juul. Our new Chatbot is named after James Joule, who lived in Sale, Manchester where he has the ultimate British accolade: a Pub is named after him (see above). In fact my daughter and her husband both live in Sale, and are both Physics teachers, so he is well-known at least among the youth of M33.

Conservation of Energy

James Joule was the first to understand the link between heat, energy and work, which led to the law of conservation of energy.

Any chatbot is certainly about conservation of energy, not wasting it on fruitless tasks. Ours streamlines tasks with an AI assistant that knows your unique role and acts as your copilot across SAP applications.

Understanding the true nature of Work

Before Joule, the relationship between energy and work was poorly understood.

Our AI is Built for Business but used by Humans. No longer do you have to burn energy on fruitless tasks that have little impact on your work. You can now ask a natural question like “What did we spend last quarter on IT services” and get tailored content to jumpstart your work. Generate job descriptions, receive coding assistance, and more.

A new way to measure

Joule’s greatest legacy was probably the unit of energy named after him. Turn over any food item and you will see the energy content in KJ (Kilo Joules), the metric equivalent of the Calorie. Energy appears in many forms: food, electricity, heat, but the Joule shows the equivalence across all its form.

A Business AI does the same thing, providing consistency to data across many parts of a business : Sales, Procurement, Production. They can be rationalised, simplified and new insights can be obtained.

To learn for about SAP Joule, the AI copilot that truly understands your business, visit us here: SAP Joule.

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