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Posted by Ashley Oldacre and Laurence Moroney

Throughout the years, we have seen some incredible ways AI has had an impact on our careers and daily lives. From solving some really challenging problems like predicting air quality through apps like Air Cognizer, helping parents of deaf children learn sign language, protecting the Great Barrier Reef and bringing culture and people together through projects like Sounds of India and Shadow Art, the sky’s the limit.

But who are the people behind it all?

To answer this question, I joined forces with my co-host, Laurence Moroney, to launch the People of AI podcast. We want to share the stories of some of the incredible people behind this technology. Through our interviews, we learn from a handful of current AI/ML leaders and practitioners and invite them to share their stories, what they are building, lessons learned along the way, and how they see the future of the industry. Through our conversations, we uncover the passion and creativity behind AI and ML development, and potential applications and use cases for good.

There is no doubt that AI is front and center in our lives today. It’s changing the future and shaping our conversations – whether it’s with family or the latest chat app. Throughout this podcast we will connect with some of the people behind the technology, share in their enthusiasm, concerns and learn from them.

Starting today, we will release one new episode of “People of AI” per week. Listen to the first episode on the People of AI site, also available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Deezer and Stitcher.

  • Episode 1: meet your hosts, Ashley Oldacre and Laurence Moroney, as we uncover what it means to be a person of AI.
  • Episode 2: learn about entrepreneurship with Sharon Zhou, CS Faculty at Stanford and MIT Technology Review’s 35 Under 35.
  • Episode 3: learn about the amazing ways you can use ML on the web with Jason Mayes, the public face of Web ML at Google, Web Engineer, and Creative Innovator.
  • Episode 4: learn how to pivot mid-career into the field of ML with Catherine Nelson, Principal Data Scientist at SAP Concur.
  • Episode 5: learn how to follow your passion and bring it into your work with Gant Laborde, Chief Innovation Officer at Infinite Red, Inc. and Google Developer Expert.
  • Episode 6: we talk with Joana Carrasqueira, Head of Community for Developer Relations in ML at Google, about empowering and connecting our communities around AI.

Whether you’re just getting started in AI/ML, or looking to expand your established experience, these stories are for you. We hope you will tune in!

This podcast is sponsored by Google. Any remarks made by the speakers are their own and are not endorsed by Google.

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