Power BI Challenge 23: Health & Substance Abuse Analysis

We’ve just finished a successful run of Power BI Challenge 22, which focused on hotel revenue management.

The 51 submissions we received from this round were all quite impressive, and showcased different visualization techniques and styles.

It just goes to show how Power BI is such a flexible analytics tool if you know your way around it and apply a little creativity to your approach.

For the next round, we’ll be working on a substance abuse dataset. If you’re an analyst working in healthcare analytics, this challenge is perfect for you!

What Is Enterprise DNA’s Power BI Challenge?

At Enterprise DNA, we believe that the most complex of problems are best solved collaboratively.

Learning for its own sake is great, but sometimes you need a little extra to keep you motivated. With the Power BI Challenge, even if you’re working on a report on your own, you’re not really alone.

You’ll have access to the Enterprise DNA forum where you can post inquiries, get feedback from experts, and banter with the other participants. Our thriving Power BI community plays an invaluable role in extending the reach of Microsoft Power BI and its capabilities.

In these challenges, learning Power BI is made easier and more fun. Over the years, we have witnessed the tremendous efforts and contributions from like-minded data-driven enthusiasts all over the world.

Join us every month as the Enterprise DNA team comes up with a dataset and a brief. The goal is to create an effective analysis and visualization that will make the data more accessible.

What Do I Get From Joining?

For this challenge, there will be 6 winners from the following categories:

  • Experts & Previous Winners – entries from the Enterprise DNA experts and previous winners of the challenges
  • Overall Winner – all entries are eligible, excluding experts and previous winners
  • First Time Participant Winner – open to any Enterprise DNA subscriber who is taking part in the challenge for the first time
  • Winning Non-Member – open to entries who are not currently Enterprise DNA subscribers
  • Out of the Box Thinker – for those submissions that dig deep into their analysis
  • Creative Head – for those who bring a lot of effort into their report and analysis

The category winners get a free Enterprise DNA On-Demand subscription, a chance for their work to be featured in our Showcase gallery, and a bunch of other prizes.

We’d like to thank Packt for partnering with us for this challenge. Packt is the most comprehensive eBook library in technology, with over 7,500+ eBooks and videos to choose from. The winner for this challenge will also get 2 Packt books.

And even if you don’t win any of these categories, you still stand to gain a lot from joining the challenge.

Participating in the challenges is one of the best approaches to help beginners get more experience and apply for better job opportunities.

Here are just some of the benefits you get from joining:

  • Get your work showcased across the Enterprise DNA network
  • Receive personalized feedback on your development
  • Get experience across different industries
  • Build an awesome analytics portfolio for prospective employers

Power BI Challenge 23 Brief

For Power BI Challenge 23, we’ll be working on a substance abuse dataset. Substance abuse is one aspect of healthcare analytics that haven’t been fully explored. Healthcare providers can leverage the data on their hands to fight substance addiction.

As a report developer, your role in this challenge is to prepare an analytical report about substance abuse. The following questions must be addressed in your report:

  1. Compare different hospitalization programs. What conclusions can you draw from it?
  2. What are the key drivers of different types of primary mental health diagnosis?
  3. What is your demographic analysis on the different types of primary mental health diagnosis?
  4. What analysis would you like to have?
  5. What other recommendations would you like to make?

Here are the requirements from the client that you need to take note of when building the report:

  • Client believes that 1-2 pages will suffice for this report.
  • Client does not want an Intro Page but suggests having a vertical/horizontal navigation bars or pop-up menu.
  • Client does not want any scrollable or fancy shape reports.
  • Client wants a report that fits well within a page. Preferred size is 16:9.
  • Client wans you to use all the techniques at your disposal – tooltips, drill throughs, page navigations, etc.

How to Join Power BI Challenge 23

To join, download the PBIX file and start building your dashboard. The forum is a healthy and encouraging space so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the challenge.

Also take note of these four pillars of a great Power BI report which will be the criteria for judging: data transformationdata modelingDAX calculations, and data visualizations.

Once you’re done, email the completed PBIX file to [email protected] and provide a brief description on how you approached the project.

Take an image of your report and post it to the Enterprise Challenges Group. If you need any help with publishing, please reach out to one of the team managers for assistance.

The deadline for the submission of entries is on October 26, 202211:59pm GMT. We hope to see you in the forum, and we look forward to seeing your entry!

All the best,
Enterprise DNA team





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