Power BI Dev Camp: Oct. 28th 11a PST | Learn ALM i…

The October Power BI Dev Camp session titled ALM in Power BI with Deployment Pipelines will teach campers how to use deployment pipelines for managing the application lifecycle of datasets and reports and for enabling CI/CD in a Power BI environment. The session explains how deployment pipelines are configured to create dedicated workspaces for developing and testing Power BI artifacts including datasets, reports, dashboards and dataflows. The session will demonstrate how to deploy artifacts in a deployment pipeline from the Dev workspace to the Testing workspace and then to the Production workspace where updates are made available to all users. Along the way, campers will learn how to configure data source rules, to automate pipelines deployment using PowerShell and the Power BI REST API and to integrate deployment pipelines together with Azure DevOps pipelines.

Camper Learning Points

  • Learn how to create and configure deployment pipelines
  • Learn how to configure pipeline permissions
  • Learn how to create data source rules to update database connection strings
  • Learn what aspects of pipelines can be automated through Power BI APIs and PowerShell
  • Learn how to integrate Deployment Pipelines with Azure DevOps Pipelines

PrerequisitesCampers should have prior experience with publishing and configuring datasets and reports in a Power BI environment.


Date: Thursday, October 28
Time: 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST
Attendee Link: https://aka.ms/PowerBIDevCamp10282021

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