Power BI Weekly Issue 229: 2023/10/17

A couple of announcements came in yesterday. One of which I re-highlighted last week regarding authoring calc groups – we have now been given a Deep dive into the new “Model Explorer” with calculation group authoring and creating relationships in the properties pane. This also gives visibility into other model object types such as Cultures and Perspectives, though these can’t be modified. Still – this is a giant leap in the direction of full model transparency, which is great news. Though I think there’ll always be a need of tools like Tabular Editor for advanced operations, scripting etc, so don’t go uninstalling that! We’ve also been told about the new settings Enabling granular access control for all data connection types, which will automatically disconnect items from data sources should they be modified by someone who doesn’t have the permission to use the corresponding data source. Finally, and also a feature mentioned last week, Jeroen (Jay) ter Heerdt has presented at the Persian Power BI User Group walking through the upcoming feature around Visual Calculations – Improvements to doing calculations in Power BI. This functionality isn’t available yet, but it’s exciting to see what will be possible very soon!

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