Power BI Weekly Issue 232: 2023/11/07

One announcement this week, and that’s the new admin API to get insights into tenant setting overrides at capacity level, which is more of a “Fabric” announcement really, but is relevant for any P SKUs you may already have. I believe the only two settings that can be delegated at the moment are the “Users can create Fabric items” and “Data Activator” settings, but I can see how this new feature will be useful going forward for visibility.

Elsewhere this week: Gerhard Brueckl has now formally released the excellent Power BI-VSCode Extension which helps you with numerous Power BI-related tasks (both management layer and data layer); Marc Lelijveld has described an “unofficial” way you can Recover Your XMLA-Modified Power BI Dataset with These Git-Integration Steps; and Bas Dohmen has shown us yet another cool visual around displaying Status Tracking Data in Power BI.

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