Power BI Weekly Issue 238: 2023/12/19

This will be the final edition of 2023 as we wind down for our holiday season here at endjin. And going by the size of this edition, lots of others are also winding down – so a good time to pause. We’ll be back at the start of January with an edition covering everything from today onwards.

In the last week we’ve received the Power BI December 2023 Feature Summary. First thing to note is that it seems like the “delayed build” they refer to at the top of the blog is now available – there seems to have been new Power BI Desktop version published yesterday, and I think a new version may already be available in the Microsoft Store. Anyway, the main features/updates in this month’s release is that there are new styling options for column and bar charts, alongside some new customization options for data labels. There’s also a new OneLake data hub in Power BI Desktop where you’ll now find Power BI datasets and Datamarts, as well as Fabric Lakehouses, Warehouses and KQL Databases. No original Dataflows though – that’s hidden under more options.

Elsewhere this week, and to continue from his announcement about the new Delta Lake tables M function, Chris has discussed how you can use this functionality to perform Incremental Refresh On Delta Tables In Power BI – regardless of whether you’re using Fabric to generate those tables or some other tool.

That’s where I’ll leave it for this week, and this year. Thanks to all of our readers for following this newsletter; I hope you’ll stick around for another year of weekly Power BI updates. Happy holidays for those that celebrate – see you on the other side!

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