Power BI Weekly Issue 242: 2024/01/23

A handful of announcements this week. Firstly, there is a brand New Fabric certification (Beta) and Fabric Career Hub which may be of interest to you and your team if you’d like to up-skill on Microsoft Fabric. We’ve also been told that Copilot in Power BI (preview) is available worldwide, though you still need to be using a P1 or F64 SKU in order to benefit from it (and watch out for some regional gotchas when getting started). Dynamic subscriptions for Power BI reports (Preview) have also been announced, a very cool feature allowing you to tailor the reports people are sent based on their identity. It works a little bit like dynamic RLS, but this new functionality shouldn’t be treated as a security feature as far as I can tell. Rather, it’s just a more convenient way to send personalized versions of reports to people who have access to the full underlying report anyway.

Elsewhere this week, and sticking to the announcement theme somewhat, Chris Webb has brought to our attention the New Limits For The “Maximum Connections Per Data Source” Property In Power BI DirectQuery Mode, with P1 limits being increased from 30 to 50, and P4s and above hitting a maximum of 200 concurrent connections! And now sticking to the DirectQuery theme – Max Wikström has compiled a set of Top tips to speed up your Power BI DirectQuery semantic models – useful information for many of you out there that still need to use DirectQuery for one reason or another. Finally, Bernat Agulló Roselló has broached the topic many of you report devs will have come across, the request: “I want it all in one page”. Bernat systematically weighs up the pros and cons of various ways of tackling this request in Power BI.

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