Power BI Weekly Issue 243: 2024/01/30

This week we have just the one “official” announcement, and that’s the Power BI Report Server January 2024 Feature Summary, which includes: the ability to show visuals as tables, more styling options for column and bar charts, and greater customization for data labels. The other announcement I wanted to highlight this week comes from the Tabular Editor blog, which is that Editing semantic models through the XMLA endpoint no longer disables web authoring of the models, giving you greater flexibility over where and how you make modifications.

Elsewhere, Greg Deckler and Brian Julius have shared a video DAX Is Easy, CALCULATE Makes It Hard, describing how they believe you can simplify your DAX experience by avoiding the CALCULATE function altogether. Reid Havens has shown a neat method to Apply Custom Column Ordering for Field Parameters (Measures). And finally, Roland Szirmai has shared a two-part video describing a Fully Automated Power BI Access Management Tool using Power Apps and Power Automate – Part I and Part II.

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