Power BI Weekly Issue 245: 2024/02/13

No Power BI specific announcements this week, but a couple of relevant announcement from the Fabric side of things. The first being that Fabric Copilot pricing has been announced, so if you’re interested in taking a look at how users using Copilot will affect your billing – take a read of that blog. We’ve been told the billing will begin on the 1st March – so if you’re an admin, you probably want to get familiar with the pricing now. The other announcement is that we can now Automate CI/CD pipelines with Microsoft Fabric Git REST APIs, so git operations are no longer confined to the Fabric UI. Elsewhere this week, and sticking to the Fabric + Power BI theme, Patrick Leblanc has answered the questions many of you may have been wondering if you’ve been using Lakehouses & Default Semantic Models within your tenant: Why can’t I edit my Power BI semantic model? and Adding a column to your Lakehouse? Where is it in the Semantic Model?.

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