Power BI Weekly Issue 258: 2024/05/14

The only announcement this week is of the New ‘ExecutionMetrics’ event in Azure Log Analytics for Power BI Semantic Models. This gives you even more granular details about behaviours within your semantic models, and the Power BI Customer Service and Support have even shared a great plug-n-play report template for those of you that are making use of the Log Analytics integration. Elsewhere this week, Soheil Bakhshi has walked through how to Use Copilot in Power BI Desktop to Create Measures from Numeric Columns, Reza Rad has walked us through the recent Button Slicer Enhances the Power BI Visualization, and Patrick Leblanc has shared a brilliant new feature from the Power BI Mobile team in the video Unleash Your Power BI Mobile Audience Potential with Automated Layouts.

On the endjin side this week, I’ve published the next part of my Microsoft Fabric E2E demo series talking about Good Notebook Development Practices, and my colleague Barry has continued his Microsoft Fabric Machine Learning Tutorial, talking about Data Validation with Great Expectations. Well worth a watch!

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