Preparing for Peak Season Success in the Supply Chain with Minitab

Back-to-school, Halloween, and the gift-giving holidays toward the end of the year are just around the corner. Maximizing sales during the peak (or holiday) season is absolutely critical to meeting annual revenue goals in the supply chain industry. The season starts with an appetizer in August in some regions for back-to-school supplies, and the main entrée is served from October to December. Now is the time for supply chain leaders to check on every function in their supply chain to be sure they are ready for the peak season. 

Here’s how Minitab can assist supply chain managers in getting ready for peak season: 

Forecasting Models:  

Minitab offers a range of forecasting models, including moving averages, exponential smoothing, and ARIMA, which supply chain managers can use to build robust time series forecasts. These models take into account historical data and provide insights into the expected demand variations during peak season. 

Scenario Analysis and What-If Simulations:  

Peak seasons can bring unexpected challenges. Minitab allows supply chain managers to perform scenario analyses and “what-if” simulations to evaluate the impact of various factors on demand. By running a Monte Carlo simulation in Minitab Workspace, managers can prepare contingency plans and respond swiftly to changing market conditions. 

Root Cause Analysis:  

In case of supply chain disruptions or issues during peak season, Minitab’s statistical analysis capabilities can help you conduct root cause analysis to identify the underlying reasons for the problems. This enables you to analyze challenges from previous years and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.  

Inventory Management:

Minitab’s tools, such as Regression Analysis and Time Series Analysis, can help determine optimal inventory levels based on historical data and projected demand. This prevents overstocking or backorders, reducing costs and ensuring products are available when needed. 

Transportation Optimization:

Efficient transportation is critical for timely deliveries during peak seasons. Predictive Analytics can analyze transportation data, including routes, transit times, and external factors like weather. CART, a decision tree algorithm in Minitab, can help identify factors that contribute to transportation delays, assisting managers in optimizing routes and schedules to minimize disruptions.

Quality Control:

Minitab’s Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools can be used to monitor key performance indicators and quality metrics throughout the supply chain. This helps ensure that products meet quality standards during peak season, minimizing returns and customer dissatisfaction. 


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Streamline Your Peak Season with Minitab’s Supply Chain Module

Supply chain managers need reliable tools to navigate the complexities and ensure smooth operations. That’s why Minitab developed a module specifically focused on the supply chain. With its specialized features tailored to supply chain dynamics, the module empowers managers to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Watch our video below to learn how Minitab’s Supply Chain Module equips managers with the tools they need to proactively tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities during the peak season rush.



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