Recognizing Tableau Contributors with the Community Highlight

Tableau is honored to have thousands of community members who give back to make the DataFam the most welcoming, engaging, and supportive group on earth. The Tableau Community Highlight is our effort to lift these contributors up, shine a light on the great work they’re doing, and connect you with them!

We’re sure you know someone in the Tableau Community who deserves more attention for all the hard work they’re doing: Whether they’re nurturing a growing User Group, speaking about how to use Tableau in a specific area, mentoring the next generation of Tableau talent, answering questions on a Slack workspace or the Forums, or publishing a blog, podcast, video, or live-stream–there are countless ways that people give back to the DataFam that has given so much to them.

To recognize these contributors—we’re excited to have a section within the weekly DataFam Roundup called the Tableau Community Highlight. The Community Highlight will share about who the community member is, what they are doing to help others, and how to follow along or connect with them. Recipients will also receive some fun SWAG in the mail!

The DataFam Roundup already keeps you up-to-date on all the new data tutorials, blogs, visualizations, and events the Tableau community is creating. The Community Highlight will add to this by drawing attention to the people bringing all the DataFam goodness to life for you.

How will the Tableau Community Highlight impact my Tableau journey?

Along with all the tips, tricks, visualizations and data sets the DataFam Roundup already shares weekly, the new Tableau Community highlight will connect you with new data people.

Get inspired by others. It doesn’t take much to start contributing to the Tableau Community. One helpful Tweet, visualization, or quick video can help so many others on their Tableau journey. We hope that seeing others highlighted for their work will inspire you to contribute in your own unique way. 

Learn new possibilities. Tableau is used in countless different ways: Across different use cases, workflows, departments, and industries. By gaining exposure to someone using Tableau differently than you, you can learn new ways to use or implement the product yourself!

You’ll broaden your Tableau network. Within each Community Highlight, we’ll share ways to get connected with them and where to find their content—whether that’s through Twitter, LinkedIn, Tableau Public, or their personal website. This way, if you’re interested in the work they are doing, you’ll have the opportunity to create deeper professional connections. 

How does Tableau select people for the Community Highlight?

Tableau’s internal team will evaluate candidates based on how their contributions are helping other people in the community–internal contributions made within one’s own company do not qualify. To help your candidate be selected, please share what your candidate has done to give back to you or others and describe the impact of their contribution!

Candidates will not be notified that they have been nominated, but will be notified when they’ve been selected for the Community Highlight. We will contact recipients and ask them to share about themselves before we publish in the DataFam Roundup! Everyone will have the ability to opt-out if they wish.

Who should I nominate for the Community Highlight and how can I nominate them?

We are always looking out for new contributors to the Tableau Community, but no one knows better about who is helping them than … you do! That’s why we are counting on you to nominate people by submitting their names and sharing how they are contributing to the community.

Given that Tableau is already featuring the incredible work our Visionaries and Ambassadors do to support our community, members of these groups are not eligible for the Community Highlight.

The community highlight is the perfect way to elevate someone who has just started giving back to the community—to shine a light on a contributor who makes your community experience better, or to bring attention to someone that’s bringing the Tableau Community to new audiences. Help us celebrate the DataFam members making contributions that help everyone learn and grow in their data journey.

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