SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211

SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211 was released to the public as planned on October 28, 2022. In this blog post we will look at the new features and highlights included in SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211 release.

SAP IBP is a SAP HANA-based cloud service that unites functions like demand and supply planning, forecasting, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Business continuity may be maintained even in the face of supply chain disruptions if all planning activities are coordinated in real time.

SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211

Reduce Scrap and Maximize Shelf Life

More precise planning is now possible because to improvements in supply and deployment systems that take shelf life limits into account. Some examples of these limitations are the required minimum remaining shelf life of demand, current stock, and future supply. In times of scarcity, the algorithm may schedule out production, internal distribution, and external revenues with a time limit.

The minimal remaining shelf life needs of demand elements can be met with the aid of shelf life planning, which also helps to prevent the expiration of available supplies. Profitability and sustainability efforts can benefit by using the right batches and wasting less product.Ezoic

Data about remaining stock availability is synchronized in real time between SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Information at the batch level and other metrics have been added to the previously available data sets. This helps planners analyze shelf life data in programs like Projected Stock and others, leading to more educated and thoughtful decisions.

Check out the official video here.

3 New SAP Fiori Apps

With SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211 release below 3 new Fiori apps are available Ezoic

1. Maintain Job Users

The app is part of the business catalog Application Job Management – Maintain Job Users (SAP_CORE_BC_APJ_USR_PC). Using this app, you can designate a new person to take responsibility for your application job. If an employee moves to a different division within your organization or quits, and the related business user also needs to be deactivated, this feature can come in handy.

2. Manage Analytics Stories

The new app allows users to generate in-depth analyses, or “analytics stories.” There are sophisticated analytic and graphical tools available within the app. When using multiple SAP apps, you’ll have a unified reporting experience. This feature enables you to conduct reporting and analysis of planning activities within SAP IBP itself.


To present and examine supply chain planning data, you may make analytics stories and add widgets like charts, tables, visualisations, photos, shapes, and text.

Access to the Manage Analytics Stories app requires the required business role to be assigned to the Analytics Story (SAP IBP BC ANALYTICS STORY PC) business catalog.

3. Manage Rules for Master Data Maintenance

Using this application, you are able to generate, modify, or eliminate rules for the upkeep of master data. After that, the rules can be set in the Rule-Based Master Data Maintenance application task in order to mass-maintain master data on a timetable that is in line with the specifications that you have provided.

If you want to improve your data set based on its known components, rule-based master data maintenance is a simple method. You can use rules to determine the default value for a master data attribute, for instance. In addition, you can use the app to verify the rule’s consistency and viability to make changes to your data set before saving it.

Value-Based Sorting in SAP IBP, Add-in for Microsoft Excel

With Excel add-in version 2211.2.0, you may now arrange the planning view in descending or ascending order based on the values of a selected key figure. The New View and Edit View dialogues both provide a Key Figures tab where you may use the Value-Based Sorting field to define your own value-based sorting rules.Ezoic

Planners can now easily specify sorting rules that prioritise the display of critical information in the planning view, such as the most popular items, resources with limited capacity, or products with the lowest service levels.


With SAP IBP for Supply Chain 2211, the new release has essential features that will aid customers in maintaining resiliency in the face of ambiguity, as well as features that will facilitate the work of their planners by simplifying processes, allowing for automation, and delivering superior analytic insights.

  • Advanced analytical capabilities for supply chain planning data
  • Forecasting with an external algorithm based on Prophet in SAP BTP
  • Master data: rule-based data validation
  • New SAP Fiori app to show telemetry information
  • Value-based sorting in SAP Integrated Business Planning, add-in for Microsoft Excel


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