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The Statistics without Mathematics books from Vor Press are available in a variety of ‘skins’. In all versions, including those using jamovi, the subject is taught without statistical formulae in order to reduce ‘statistics anxiety’.

Worked examples are provided for each test, relevant to the discipline of the title.







Complete beginners to statistics will benefit from sections that include descriptive statistics, tests of differences such as t tests and ANOVA, correlations and regression, and categorical analyses including the binomial tests and the chi squared test of association. A short chapter, particularly well-received by students is devoted to presentations.

Students wishing to extend their understanding, for example for projects, are taught to use a variety of other tests available with jamovi. These include a discussion of multiple comparison tests; categorical tests such as multinomial, log-linear regression and the McNemar test; PCA and factor analysis; cluster analysis; logistic regression; Kaplan-Meier survival analysis. Bayesian statistics are also introduced.

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