Supervised Fine-Tuning (SFT) with Large Language Models | by Cameron R. Wolfe, Ph.D. | Jan, 2024

Understanding how SFT works from idea to a working implementation…

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Large language models (LLMs) are typically trained in several stages, including pretraining and several fine-tuning stages; see below. Although pretraining is expensive (i.e., several hundred thousand dollars in compute), fine-tuning an LLM (or performing in-context learning) is cheap in comparison (i.e., several hundred dollars, or less). Given that high-quality, pretrained LLMs (e.g., MPT, Falcon, or LLAMA-2) are widely available and free to use (even commercially), we can build a variety of powerful applications by fine-tuning LLMs on relevant tasks.

Different stages of training an LLM (created by author)

One of the most widely-used forms of fine-tuning for LLMs within recent AI research is supervised fine-tuning (SFT). This approach curates a dataset of high-quality LLM outputs over which the model is directly fine-tuned using a standard language modeling objective. SFT is simple/cheap to use and a useful tool for aligning language models, which has made is popular within the open-source LLM research community and beyond. Within this overview, we will outline the idea behind SFT, look at relevant research on this topic, and provide examples of how practitioners can easily use SFT with only a few lines of Python code.

To gain a deep understanding of SFT, we need to have a baseline understanding of language models (and deep learning in general). Let’s cover some relevant background information and briefly refresh a few ideas that will be important.

AI Basics. In my opinion, the best resource for learning about AI and deep learning fundamentals is the Practical Deep Learning for Coders course from This course is extremely practical and oriented in a top-down manner, meaning that you learn how to implement ideas in code and use all the relevant tools first, then dig deeper into the details afterwards to understand how everything works. If you’re new to the space and want to quickly get a working understanding of AI-related tools, how to use them, and…

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