TensorFlow Powerup by TensorFlow User Group Ghaziabad | by Madhur Agrawal | Nov, 2023

Picture yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of tech enthusiasts and TensorFlow lovers on a brilliant morning of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad. The amazing TensorFlow Powerup event was organized by Akaash Tripathee and TensorFlow User Group Ghaziabad (TFUG Ghaziabad) team.

The event commenced with a keynote by the organizer, Akaash Tripathee and an introduction to the TensorFlow User Groups to the audience to set up the stage for the day.

The inaugural session, Open-Source Paradigms in AI and Machine Learning by Ayush Kumar delved into the world of open source and benefits of contributing to open-source contribution and collaboration.

The event advanced further with an insightful session by Sumit Tyagi on How to build a successful AI career. The session offered valuable insights on initiating a career in the field of AIML and Data Science.

Chhavi Garg shared her experiences of Community, Community Building and the Importance of Collaboration and Continuous Learning.

The event’s refreshment break featured a lot of fun activities, networking opportunities, giveaways by Squareboat, Reskilll and finally a Quiz by MLSA MIET on AI, featuring LinkedIn vouchers for top 3 winners.

Santosh Maurya shared his talk on Introduction to MLOps exploring the convergence of ML and DevOps.

Nitin Pandit helped Simplifying Generative AI where he broke down this complex and trending topic of the internet and made it accessible to a wider audience.

Dibyasom Puhan shared his talk, On Device ML with Federated Learning where he discussed about “Intelligence on Edge devices” and its cutting-edge applications.

The event’s apex featured Kuldeep Singh with their talk on Demystifying TensorFlow Platform, where he deep dived into the TensorFlow platform and its importance in the realm of AI and machine learning.

The TensorFlow Powerup unfolded as a symphony of insights and experiences. From open source and AIML to communities and TensorFlow, each session contributed to the stream of knowledge.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

> “It was such a great event; I learnt and enjoyed a lot” — Bhavya Garg

> “It was just utter amazing; I got to learn and network a lot” — Anurag Singh

As the day concluded, participants left inspired, armed with newfound knowledge and a strengthened sense of community in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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