Transforming SAP Cloud ALM Approvals with KTern.AI Rapid Approve

In today’s enterprise software environment, organizations are increasingly migrating to cloud-based solutions. SAP Cloud ALM, an integral component of this transformation, provides a comprehensive approach to application lifecycle management, catering to the unique needs of cloud-centric enterprises. This suite empowers businesses to swiftly transition to the cloud, optimize the operation of cloud solutions, and effectively manage them, ensuring seamless operations in the digital realm. 

Challenges in the traditional Approval Process: 

During this journey of SAP digital transformations, it is crucial to stay on track with the project milestones. Unfortunately, many organizations face challenges in doing so. Project delays not only increase costs but also leave stakeholders dissatisfied. A significant obstacle contributing to these delays is the time-consuming and inefficient approval process in project management. These approval processes include the following hurdles: 

Time-Consuming Manual Steps: Manual steps in the approval process led to frustrating delays, causing projects to languish in the pipeline. 

Risk of Errors and Inaccuracies: The manual nature of these processes introduces the peril of human error, compromising the integrity and reliability of projects. 

Document Management: Disorganized document management becomes an obstacle, creating bottlenecks in the approval workflow. 

Limited Collaboration: Traditional methods often hinder effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, resulting in gaps in understanding and operational inefficiencies. 


Challenges in Traditional Approval Process:

A Collaborative Success with SAP Co-Innovation Labs – KTern.AI Rapid Approve:

KTern.AI Rapid Approve was born out of the SAP Hack2Build Challenge, an event that brings together creative minds and tech enthusiasts to solve real-world problems within the SAP ecosystem. Facing the issues surrounding traditional approval processes in SAP Cloud ALM projects, KTern.AI stepped up to the challenge and envisioned a solution that would automate and centralize the approval process, effectively eliminating bottlenecks and delays.

Rapid Approve is a digital solution developed by KTern.AI, specifically designed to address inefficiencies in the approval processes within SAP Cloud ALM projects. It aims to automate and streamline the traditionally manual and time-consuming approval steps in project management.

With the support and collaboration of SAP Co-Innovation Labs, Rapid Approve embarked on a transformative co-innovation journey. This collaborative effort involved refining the solution, aligning it with SAP’s best practices, and ensuring seamless integration within the SAP ecosystem. 


Multi-level stakeholder approval

The Rapid Approve Advantage – Transforming SAP Cloud ALM:

The primary function of KTern.AI Rapid Approve, is to transform and modernize the approval process, making it more efficient and aligned with the demands of cloud-based project management. Its key features and benefits include: 

  1. Automated Approval Requests: Rapid Approve automates the entire approval workflow, significantly reducing the time and effort required for each step.
  2. Centralized Document Management: Leveraging SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) DMS (Document Management System), the solution ensures easy access to critical documents and impeccable organization.
  3. Seamless Integration with Collaboration Platforms: Rapid Approve seamlessly integrates with popular collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, fostering enhanced communication and collaboration among stakeholders.


    Seamless integration with MS Teams


    Seamless integration with Slack

  4. Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics: An intuitive dashboard offers real-time visibility into task and approval statuses, enabling proactive identification and resolution of bottlenecks.
  5. Customizable Workflow: Rapid Approve offers a flexible workflow configuration, allowing organizations to tailor the approval chain to their unique requirements, including multi-level hierarchies.


Optimized pyramid view

This addresses the challenges of traditional approval processes by automating and centralizing key aspects, thus improving efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing collaboration in SAP Cloud ALM projects.


Seamless approval with KTern.AI Rapid Approve


In conclusion, KTern.AI’s Rapid Approve is more than just a solution; it is a symbol of innovation and collaboration in the SAP community. It serves as a guiding light for organizations navigating the complexities of SAP Cloud ALM projects. By adopting Rapid Approve, businesses can efficiently manage their projects, ensuring timely approvals, reducing delays, and boosting stakeholder satisfaction 

This journey, from its inception in the SAP Hack2Build Challenge to co-innovation with SAP Co-Innovation Labs, has paved the way for a more efficient SAP Cloud ALM experience. Rapid Approve represents what can be achieved when visionary ideas, industry expertise, and collaborative efforts come together. 

As we move forward in the world of SAP digital transformations, solutions like KTern.AI Rapid Approve continue to show us the path to greater efficiency and success. It is a reminder that with the right tools and collaborative spirit, organizations can overcome challenges and achieve their goals in the digital era. 



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