TSMixer: The Latest Forecasting Model by Google | by Marco Peixeiro | Nov, 2023

Explore the architecture of TSMixer and implement it in Python for a long-horizon multivariate forecasting task

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The field of time series forecasting continues to be in effervescence, with many important recent contributions like N-HiTS, PatchTST, TimesNet and of course TimeGPT.

In the meantime, the Transformer architecture unlocked unprecedented performance in the field of natural language processing (NLP), but that is not true for time series forecasting.

In fact, many Transformer-based model were proposed like Autoformer, Informer, FEDformer, and more. Those models are often very long to train and it turns out that simple linear models outperform them on many benchmark datasets (see Zheng et al., 2022).

To that point, in September 2023, researchers from Google Cloud AI Research proposed TSMixer, a Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP) based model that focuses on mixing time and feature dimensions to make better predictions.

In their paper TSMixer: An All-MLP Architecture for Time Series Forecasting, the authors demonstrate that this model achieves state-of-the-art performance on many benchmark datasets, while remaining simple to implement.

In this article, we first explore the architecture of TSMixer to understand its inner workings. Then, we implement the model in Python and run our own experiment to compare its performance to N-HiTS.

For more details on TSMixer, make sure to read the original paper.

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When it comes to forecasting, we intuitively know that using cross-variate information can help make better predictions.

For example, weather and precipitation are likely to have an impact on the number of visitors to an amusement park…

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