Update Prod.Order Header (or) Operation Status by Function Module

Requirement: Update Production Order Header Status (or) Operation Staus by Function Module FM: I_CHANGE_STATUS

Action 1:
Get the current Status of the Production Order:  1001230 first, using Function Module STATUS_READ (INPUT: OBJNR: OR000001001230 from the Table AUFK) FM: STATUS_READ
Execute this FM , will get the below Result.
Click on Results
Once get the current Status: EX: I0001 à Created Status
Now, we can use the below Function Module to update the required Status

For Example, if we need to update Production Order from CRTD to REL, execute the Function Module with the below status from I001 to I0002


Now, check the Order Status, after executing this Function Module
Result: Production Order Header Status got updated from CRTD to REL Successfully

Action 2
Currently the Operation is REL Status, how to get updated to DSPT Status

Get the Object Number for this required Operation from the Table AFVC, passing the Input of the Confirmation Number of this Operation, which is there in the operation details screens

Table: AFVC à Input: RUECK- Confirmation à Output:
Execute the FM I_CHANGE_STATUS, with the above Object Number as the Inputs, with the current status and the Required Statuses

Result: Production Order Operation Status got updated Successfully from REL to DSPT

Kindly update with your valuable inputs/feedback, if any. Thanks & Regards: Raja

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