Which Tableau Certification is Best: Top 5 Explained

Tableau Certifications validate your skills and expertise with specific aspects of the Tableau platform.

They are something to show your future and current employer or even show off to your mates.

But, which is best?

Tableau offers 5 different certifications catering to different skill levels and career goals. The choice of the best certification greatly depends on your target role. The most popular certification is the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification. This certification is ideal for anyone who wants to break into the world of data analytics.

Other certifications that Tableau offers include Tableau Desktop Specialist, Tableau Server Certified Associate, Tableau Certified Consultant, and Tableau Certified Architect.

In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of each certification. After reading through the content, you’ll be able to decide the best certificate for you!

Let’s get into it!

Which Tableau Certification is Best

What Certifications Are Offered By Tableau?

Tableau offers 5 certifications, which are listed below:

  1. Tableau Desktop Specialist
  2. Tableau Certified Data Analyst
  3. Tableau Server Certified Associate
  4. Tableau Certified Consultant
  5. Tableau Certified Architect

Let’s look at the specifics of each certificate.

What Certifications Are Offered By Tableau

1. Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

The target audience for Tableau Desktop Specialist are beginners who have a basic understanding of the core features of Tableau Desktop.

Such candidates typically have 3 months of experience with Tableau Desktop before applying for this certification.

To get this certificate, you need to go through an exam. The exam duration is 60 minutes.

Topics that you can expect in the exam are core concepts like field types, basic charts, dashboard design, etc.

The exam fee is $100.

Tableau desktop certified associate certification badge

2. Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification

The Tableau Data Analyst Certification is for people who help others in the company make choices by identifying issues, finding the right data to look at, and providing helpful info.

It’s for workers, partners, clients, and freelancers who use tools like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and either Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

The target audience for this certification is professionals who can:

  • Connect to data sources
  • Perform data transformations
  • Explore and analyze data
  • Create meaningful data visualizations that answer key business questions
  • Share content and keep the content current by publishing, scheduling, and maintaining it on the web

The exam duration is 120 minutes. The exam fee is $250.

The Tableau certified professional certification for data analysts badge

3. Tableau Server Certified Associate Certificate

This certification suits individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills related to Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment.

Such individuals usually have at least 6 months of experience before applying for this certification.

The exam duration is 90 minutes. The exam fee is $250.

The Tableau Server Certified Associate Certificate

4. Tableau Certified Consultant Certification

The Tableau Consultant Certification is for people who work with clients to set up Tableau data solutions.

These folks work on big projects that cover the whole company, not just one part. They offer long-term advice about data and can tackle tricky problems independently.

They’re really good at handling tough data challenges.

This certificate proves that someone knows Tableau well and can actively use it.

It’s for workers, partners, clients, and freelancers who use tools like Tableau Prep, Desktop, Cloud, Server, and Bridge.

The exam duration is 120 minutes. The exam fee is $250.

The Tableau Certified Consultant Certification

5. Tableau Certified Architect Certification

The Tableau Architect Certification is for people who look after the setup of the Tableau Server.

They know how to design, set up, watch, and keep Tableau systems running smoothly, and they can move things over to Tableau Cloud. These folks set up Tableau Server for big companies.

This certificate shows that someone knows their stuff with Tableau and can use it well. It’s for workers, partners, clients, and freelance folks who use Tableau tools like Cloud and Server.

The exam duration is 120 minutes. The exam fee is $250.

 The Tableau Certified Architect Certification

Why Get a Tableau Certification?

While it’s true that if you have a strong portfolio, you can land a job as a Tableau specialist. However, acquiring a certificate can add an additional level of confidence to your profile.

Why Get a Certification

You might consider getting a Tableau certificate because of the following reasons.

1. Career Advancement

Tableau certifications can hold significant value in today’s job market. With an increasing demand for data analysts and visualization experts, having a certification on your resume can make you stand out from the competition.

It can lead to better job opportunities, higher salary prospects, and greater career growth.

2. Proof of Expertise

A Tableau certification is an objective and official validation of your skills and knowledge in using Tableau software.

By obtaining a certification, you demonstrate your competence and data visualization skills to employers, peers, and clients, which can help you earn their trust and respect.

This proof of expertise gives you a competitive edge and credibility in the professional world.

3. Personal Development

Lastly, working towards a Tableau certification provides an opportunity for personal development.

The certification process teaches you how to use Tableau more effectively and encourages you to learn industry best practices and improve your analytical thinking abilities.

Preparing for the certification exams also helps you strengthen your skills and expand your knowledge in the field of data science and analytics.

Which Tableau Certification Should You Go For?

The certification you should go for depends on your target role and your level of expertise.

If you are new to analytics and Tableau, start with the Desktop Specialist certification. This certification suits beginners and focuses on basic product knowledge and foundational skills.

If you are an intermediate user or a budding Tableau data analyst with some experience in data analytics, you can consider the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification. This professional-level certification shows your ability to work with complex data sets, create advanced visualizations, and optimize Tableau performance.

If you are already proficient in analytics and have a strong understanding of Tableau, you can consider going for the more advanced certification such as the Tableau Consultant and the Tableau Architect.

How to Prepare for Tableau Certification Exams

To prepare for Tableau certification exams, you can consider the following channels for preparation:

  1. Official Tableau Courses
  2. Online Learning Platforms
How to Prepare for Tableau Certification Exams

1. Official Tableau Courses

Tableau provides many official courses for learners to enhance their skills and understanding of the software.

Tableau Training Pass offers access to their complete course catalog along with learning paths covering different aspects of Tableau usage, from beginner to advanced levels.

These training courses from Tableau ensure that you get the most accurate information directly from the source.

2. Online Learning Platforms

Several reputable online learning platforms offer courses and certifications to help build your Tableau skills, such as Coursera and Udacity.

Coursera provides Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization, while Udacity offers a Business Analytics Nanodegree covering Tableau fundamentals.

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera also includes Tableau as part of its data analysis tools.

Supercharge your analytics journey with ChatGPT by watching the following video:

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Tableau certification can pave the way for a brighter career in data visualization. Not only does getting certified boost your confidence, but it also showcases your dedication and expertise to employers.

It’s important that you identify a certification that aligns with your target role. This identification will set you up for success.

Throughout this article, we’ve put forth all the important pointers you need regarding Tableau certifications. We hope that the information you find here helps you identify the best Tableau certification for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find some frequently asked questions you have when identifying the best Tableau certification for yourself.

Data analyst going though an analytics report

Is the Tableau Desktop Specialist or Tableau Desktop Certified Associate better?

The Desktop Specialist and Certified Associate certifications serve different purposes.

The Desktop Specialist is an entry-level certification suitable for individuals with foundational skills and knowledge in Tableau.

The Certified Associate is aimed at those with more advanced expertise in the software. Professionals should choose their certification based on their proficiency level and career ambitions.

How much does Tableau certification cost?

Tableau certification exams range from $100 to $250. Prices vary depending on the specific certification exam.

Each price includes one attempt at the exam, and in case of a failed attempt, you will need to pay for the exam again to re-test.

Does Tableau certification significantly improve career prospects?

A Tableau certification can significantly enhance career prospects, as it shows proficiency in using the software widely used in the data analysis industry.

Organizations value certified professionals as they are more likely to have the skills needed for effective data visualization and analysis using Tableau.

Are there any free Tableau certifications for students?

Tableau does not offer free certifications for students. However, they provide access to free Tableau training resources and a lower-cost student license for their software.

Students can use these resources to prepare for certification exams but will need to pay the exam fees for the certification they wish to pursue.

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