How to install Neptune Software DXP 2023 LTS

Neptune Software has recently announced the latest Long Term Support (LTS) release – DXP 2023. In this blog post we will explain the step-step process to install the Neptune Software DXP 2023 on ABAP Platform Trail Edition.

Lets get started!!

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Login and download DXP 2023 LTS from Neptune Software DXP Portal.

Download DXP 2023 LTS

2. After download is complete, extract the zip file. You will be find the data and cofiles of the transport request in the extract.

Neptune DXP 2023 Transport Request

3. Upload the co-file and data-file to SAP transport directory. You can upload using CG3Y transaction code or use the FM ARCHIVFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER in SE37. Here I have used the FM to upload the transport request.


Upload Neptune DXP 2023 TR Data file


Upload Neptune DXP 2023 TR Cofile

4. Once upload is completed, verify the files in AL11 folders.

AL11 DXP 2023 cofile
Co-file in AL11
AL11 DXP 2023 data file
Data file in AL11

5. Now its time to add the NADK909666 transport request to Import Queue using STMS.

6. Go to STMS (Transport Management System) transaction code and click on Import Overview.

STMS Import Overview

7. Double-click on the Target System.

STMS Select Target System

8. Navigate to Extras –> Other Requests –> Add

STMS Add TR to Import Queue

9. On Add Transport Request to Import Queue dialog window, select NADK909666 and click on OK.

STMS Select TR

10. Finally, click on Yes to the confirm the TR to add to import queue.

STMS Confirm the TR

11. After the TR is successfully added to the import queue, now import the TR into the system. Select the TR and click on Import Request.

STMS Import DXP 2023 TR

12. Monitor the progress of the import by selecting the row and clicking on the Import Monitor. If the import has completed successfully, you should see a similar screen in the Import Monitor.

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