IFlow for local SQL database server integrating using cloud connector


  • Cloud Connector install in your system.
  • SQL Server Management Studio working.
  • BTP Cockpit


  1. Open Cloud Connector.
  2. Login using credentials, enter details of BTP subaccount and save it.
  3. Click on Cloud to on-premise button and add Mapping to Virtual system.
  4. Check the server is reachable.
  5. Login to your tenant.
  6. Go to Monitoring -> JDBC Material.
  7. Download below jar file.


  1. Go to JDBC Driver and add driver.
  2. Deploy the driver successfully.
  3. Go to JDBC Data Source and add.

JDBC URL: jdbc:sqlser://<virtualhost:port>;DatabaseName=<databasename>

  1. Deploy it.
  2. Create Package and Artifact and IFlow.
  3. Save and deploy it.
  4. Copy the endpoint in Overview/Manage Integration Content.
  5. Open Postman and paste the endpoint in URL.
  6. Check the response getting in postman the table content.



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