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Posted by Ashley Oldacre

If you are joining us for the first time, you can binge listen to our amazing 8 episodes from Season 1 wherever you get your podcasts.

We are back for another season of People of AI with a new lineup of incredible guests! I am so excited to introduce my new co-host Luiz Gustavo Martins as we meet inspiring people with interesting stories in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Last season we focused on the incredible journeys that our guests took to get into the field of AI. Through our stories, we highlighted that no matter who you are, what your interests are, or what you work on, there is a place for anyone to get into this field. We also explored how much more accessible the technology has become over the years, as well as the importance of building AI-related products responsibly and ethically. It is easier than ever to use tools, platforms and services powered by machine learning to leverage the benefits of AI, and break down the barrier of entry.

For season 2, we will feature amazing conversations, focusing on Generative AI! Specifically, we will be discussing the explosive growth of Generative AI tools and the major technology shift that has happened in recent months. We will dive into various topics to explore areas where Generative AI can contribute tremendous value, as well as boost both productivity and economic growth. We will also continue to explore the personal paths and career development of this season’s guests as they share how their interest in technology was sparked, how they worked hard to get to where they are today, and explore what it is that they are currently working on.

Starting today, we will release one new episode of season 2 per week. Listen to the first episode on the People of AI site or wherever you get your podcasts. And stay tuned for later in the season when we premiere our first video podcasts as well!

  • Episode 1: meet your hosts, Ashley and Gus and learn about Generative AI, Bard and the big shift that has dramatically changed the industry. 
  • Episode 2: meet Sunita Verma, a long-time Googler, as she shares her personal journey from Engineering to CS, and into Google. As an early pioneer of AI and Google Ads, we will talk about the evolution of AI and how Generative AI will transform the way we work. 
  • Episode 3: meet Sayak Paul, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) as we explore what it means to be a GDE and how to leverage the power of your community through community contributions. 
  • Episode 4: meet Crispin Velez, the lead for Cloud’s Vertex AI as we dig into his experience in Cloud working with customers and partners on how to integrate and deploy AI. We also learn how he grew his AI developer community in LATAM from scratch. 
  • Episode 5: meet Joyce Shen, venture capital/private equity investor. She shares her fascinating career in AI and how she has worked with businesses to spot AI talent, incorporate AI technology into workflows and implement responsible AI into their products. 
  • Episode 6: meet Anne Simonds and Brian Gary, founders of Muse Join us as we talk about their recent journeys into AI and their new company which uses the power of Generative AI to spark creativity. 
  • Episode 7: meet Tulsee Doshi, product lead for Google’s Responsible AI efforts as we discuss the development of Google-wide resources and best practices for developing more inclusive, diverse, and ethical algorithm driven products. 
  • Episode 8: meet Jeanine Banks, Vice President and General Manager of Google Developer X and Head of Developer Relations. Join us as we debunk AI and get down to what Generative AI really is, how it has changed over the past few months and will continue to change the developer landscape. 
  • Episode 9: meet Simon Tokumine, Director of Product Management at Google. We will talk about how AI has brought us into the era of task-orientated products and is fueling a new community of makers.

Listen now to the first episode of Season 2. We can’t wait to share the stories of these exceptional People of AI with you!

This podcast is sponsored by Google. Any remarks made by the speakers are their own and are not endorsed by Google.

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