Power BI Blog: Push Notifications on Mobile Applications

Push notifications on the Mobile apps help you stay up to date with information that requires your immediate attention.  Power BI has recently added two new push notification types to the Mobile apps that are related to Goals:

  1. Goal assignment notification: whenever someone assigns you a goal, you’ll receive a goal notification on your mobile device.  This way you’ll know when you’ve become a goal owner and are now accountable for that goal.  Holidays will never be the same again!
  2. Notifications for mentions: whenever you’re mentioned in a note attached to a new or existing check-in, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device.  Now, when someone mentions you, requesting your attention or comment, you won’t miss it.  You may reply directly from the app too.  Just keep it polite!

For both kinds of notification, tapping the notification takes you right to the goal’s details pane inside the scorecard, where you can see all the necessary information.

Check back next week for more Power BI tips and tricks!

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